Know About Liver Specialist in Delhi NCR

It is quite amazing to know that the liver is the largest organ that is located inside our body. The helps to digest the food that we eat. According to the liver specialist, the major function of our lever is to filter the blood that it receives from the digestive tract before passing it to the rest of our body.

The liver specialist in East Delhi elaborates that it is also responsible for secreting several significant digestive juices apart from the bile that assists considerably in the detoxification and metabolism of the food and drug that has been ingested by our body. Since, our active liver function is so important for our body, any trauma or disturbance in the normal functioning of the liver can divulge many liver diseases which can create from mild to severe issue. Under such circumstances, liver specialist in Ghaziabad formulates effective treatment procedures to deal with the various diseases that can pose serious problems if remain untreated.


The list of some major liver disease that can be treated by a Liver Specialist

  • Hepatitis

  • Liver cancer

  • Hemochromatosis

  • Liver cirrhosis

  • Gallstone

  • Primary biliary cirrhosis

  • Liver failure disease

  • Ascites




The liver specialist may ask about your health history and thoroughly examine your body, then the following test may be recommended


  • Liver Function Test

  • Imaging Test

  • Tissue analysis




The liver specialist in Delhi NCR describes, the treatment for liver diseases largely depends on the diagnosis results and the prevailing conditions of the liver. Some liver disease can be effectively treated by certain medications, whereas others require surgical approach to cure. However, there are some condition of liver problem that can be healed through simple lifestyle modification, it may include, give away smoking or taking alcohol and reducing certain amount of body weight.