Imaging Department

The Department offers comprehensive services in all the fields of Radiodiagnosis. A full range of diagnostic and interventional procedures on state-of-the-art equipment are performed by an experienced team of Radiologists and is the main strength of this department.

Conventional Radiology

Procedures are performed on two 1000 mA X-ray systems with Image Intensifier TV control for special procedures and a ceiling mounted tube for all trauma patients. These units are supported by a fully automated dark room for instant viewing of films. This is especially helpful in monitoring of special procedures like Barium studies and Intra Venous Pyelograms. Film quality standards are uniformly high and closely monitored by senior faculty members.

Color Doppler Ultrasound

Units, which cover the complete spectrum of investigations. The Logic 700 from GE Medical systems is the most advanced Color Doppler system available today. Its excellent color Doppler and tissue harmonics permit all examinations with very high quality images. One US system is dedicated to portable examinations in the wards and ICU for patients who are difficult to transport. The US units are linked to a Dry imager for instant filming. A new 3D/4D Ultrasound Machine Voluson 730 expert has been added to the department. For three dimensional images and real time 4D evaluation with facility for real time 4D evaluation with facility for real time 4D Biopsies.

CT Scanner

It has a major role in diagnosing congenital heart diseases within seconds by simple I.V. injection. Aortic dissections and aneurysm can be diagnosed within seconds.

The Scanner is designed for quick evaluation of trauma patients as a whole body scan can be completed in just 10 seconds.

This department is a referral centre for the investigation of a wide variety of chest disease especially CT guided interventional and biopsy procedures. The high-resolution images of the lungs are rated as the very best.

Interventional Radiology

is a specially strong area of this Dept. with all types of drainage and biopsy procedures performed under Fluoroscopic, US or CT guidance. The Dept. specializes in obtaining CT guided biopsies from most difficult sites normally not undertaken at other institutions.

The systems listed are stretched to the limit of their capabilities by highly experienced and dedicated team of consultants and residents providing routine and round the clock emergency services.


  • Dr. Sandeep Goel
  • Dr. Kanchan Varma